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How To Choose a Domain Name Registrar


Internet Home Business-How To Choose a Domain Name Registrar

To claim a domain name and use it for building your virtual office or website, you need to go to a domain name registrar, check the availability and register the name out of available options.

Today there is a plethora of domain name registrars available. But it was not always so.

Till 1998 Network Solutions was the only company that was authorized to register the domain name. It lost its monopoly after that and many companies have risen. While competition is good for the prices, it also adds to the confusion.

When you look for a domain name registrar, you should keep following in mind:

Accreditation: ICANN maintains a list of accredited domain registrars. The registrar pays application and annual fees to ICANN. A fee is also paid by the registrar to Network Solutions, the company that maintains the central registry of domain names. When you choose an accredited registrar, you ensure that your chosen domain name is officially part of the Internet. A list of ICANN accredited registrars has been posted in our blog.

Sometimes you might find a webhost or other sites allowing you to register at their website. These act as reseller to the accredited registrars. In such cases, they should disclose to you which registrar they represent.

Terms: Be absolutely certain to read and understand what you are getting before you pay. Read about ownership clause and other terms of condition.

Price: There was time when getting a domain name registered was an expensive affair. But now you can get a domain name much cheaper. There are many types of discounts available that vary greatly with registrars. Do check out various deals.

Duration: Do not register your domain for more than one year in the beginning. You would like to evaluate your registrar before committing for further.

Delay: A domain name is generally available within 48 hours after you register it. Check your registrar's site to determine how long you will have to wait. If it says something like 7 days, do not go for that registrar.

Domain transfer: You should be able to transfer your domain name to another service without any restriction and for a fee not exceeding than fee for new registration. A lot of registrars also offer free transfer.

Generally there is a restriction on domain transfer for 60 days after you register your domain. Please check your registrar to find any other restriction and curbs.

Customer Support: This is another very important aspect. You need a good support system in case of any problem. Check out if phone or chat support is available. If Email support is the available support then it should not take them more than one business day to respond.

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